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Learn To Play Polo

Having been known in the past as ‘the sport of kings’, polo is now attracting a younger and more diverse crowd of enthusiastic players. With a number of new clubs starting up and the ability for people that have never sat on a horse before to try their hand at polo, the sport has never been so popular. Fifield Polo Club can offer lessons to polo enthusiasts of all standards. Please view our typical packages below for more information.

The basic stairway to polo heaven for a complete beginner is listed below:

  1. Contact the club to talk about your requirements and book your first lessons
  2. Participate in lessons to gain confidence, riding ability, and above all learn how to play shots and understand the rules of the game.
  3. Once basic knowledge is gained, you will be able to join Fifield Polo Club as a chukka member. This will not only mean you will be a member of club , it will also allow you to establish your own Polo handicap through the HPA in order to continue up the polo staircase and carry on improving. Other benefits of joining can be seen by following the chukka member link.
  4. Once a chukka member, your instructor will move you onto some instructional chukkas to compliment your regular lessons. Here you will be placed in a game situation and will have to learn the rules and certain plays under instruction.
  5. Try to take your CP umpiring grade (contact the HPA for more information on this) in order to ensure you have a good basic knowledge of the rules of polo, and are ready to move into club chukkas. The club will hold a number of these tests through out the year for members to participate in. Watch the diary for dates.
  6. When deemed ready to join us by your instructor (usually after one year of regular instruction and instructional chukkas), you will then have the chance to upgrade your chukka membership and join the club as a full member to enjoy playing in fast club chukkas with professionals and other experienced players, as well as participate in our highly competitive club tournaments under your own team name.